Programme and Presentation information

The programme for the conference can now be found at the following link.

Three parallel tracks will run and will be primarily categorised under the headings of biomaterials, biomechanics, medical devices, bioelectronics, biosensors, imaging, regenerative medicine and mechanobiology. The majority of systems studied across all disciplines (ranked by decreasing order of number of submissions last year) were musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neural, and occular. The final conference schedule has been determined from the abstract submissions.

Please find below the Programme at a Glance:

Presentation submission: Upload links will be sent shortly to each presenter in advance of the conference, to enable upload of the presentation for the conference sessions. All presentations will need to be uploaded by Wednesday 18th at 5pm.

Presentation format: This is an in-person conference. First year PhD students have an allocation of 5 minutes (3 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for questions). All other talks are allocated 12 minutes (9-10 minutes for the presentation and 2-3 minutes for questions).


Initial call

A preliminary programme based on six main research themes and three physiological systems is envisaged. However, studies outside these themes and systems will be considered, e.g. respiratory or digestive systems, disease-specific themes such as cancer, and technique-specific studies such as biochemical diagnostics, etc.


Given the interfacial nature of many studies, some overlap between themes and systems is to be expected. The programme committee will endeavour to assign studies to what they consider to be the principal themes and systems studied. New themes may be incorporated to accommodate unexpected submission patterns that are felt to be within the scope of the conference.